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25th MIRW Press Release Day 4

Press Release Day 4

MIRW 2014 - 30th October


" On the penultimate day of the Marmaris International Race Week’s 25th Anniversary, the crews were eager to get out on the water, owing to a lay day yesterday due to the lack of wind. Some of the crews were fully focused on the racing to improve their standings whilst others simply wanted to enjoy a day of sailing in the stunning Marmaris Gulf. But one thing they all had in common was their love for the sport.


The breeze was optimal this morning and the racing got underway for all divisions without any delay. With the wind averaging around 10 to 12 knots the crews had a chance to stretch their legs and hike – a welcome chance to get physical on the boats after two days of light wind racing. The fleet spread across the gulf and the conditions could not have been better. Warm sunshine and a good breeze - what every sailor would ask for.


The triangular race course saw the teams sailing upwind to the first mark before hoisting their spinnakers for the reach and then heading downwind again to the third mark, close to where they had started. Then it was another windward – leeward leg before the boats headed for the last upwind and to the finish line.


The course was suitable for both racing and charter divisions - something that Marmaris International Race Week prides itself upon. This regatta has the unique approach of hosting an event suited to competitive racing as well as pleasure sailing for those that wish to enter for fun.


The IRC fleet and the first divisions are highly competitive with professional crews. Entries are both national and international making this a challenging regatta for those who are pursuing a trophy at the end of the week.


On the other hand in the Charter division, having fun is the priority. Many of the teams in this division pack a bag, fly to Marmaris and jump aboard one of the many boats available to charter here. The daily racing is followed by after sailing festivities and with only one race scheduled each day, there’s plenty of opportunities to visit the beautiful town of Marmaris and the surrounding area.


The third day of racing finished successfully for all 150 competitors who enjoyed a fast paced race. Flying Box Arkas crossed the finish line first but it would be tough for them to beat the overall leader Protel Matmazel who had already scored two bullets in the previous races. In IRC Charter 2, La Loba was having a flawless performance, maintaining a record of top finishes from previous years.


Tomorrow is the last day of the 25th Marmaris International Race Week with another inshore race scheduled. It’s going to be an important race that will decide the overall results and with a promising forecast, it’s going to be an exciting day."


You can find the results of day 4 here: http://www.marmarisraceweek.com/en_sonuclar.aspx