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26th MIRW Wednesday Highlights

Welcome to day 3 at Marmaris International Race Week. After a tough and long day of offshore racing yesterday, the fleet was set for some action packed inshore races in the Marmaris Gulf. By the close of racing today, over half the scheduled races would be completed and those in podium contention would become clearer. 

Carrying such a strong reputation, the Marmaris International Race Week has to hold it’s position and deliver to the most demanding of sailors and teams. Fortunately today the Marmaris weather did not let itself down. Although there were some slow paced starts, the classic breeze soon kicked in and filled the gulf – delivering some fast paced racing to keep crews on their toes.
A spectacle of multi-colored spinnakers filled the Marmaris Gulf, as the 130 yachts raced a triangular course format. Intense racing with some close shaves were the order of the day. A crew overboard one yacht, was superbly recovered when faced with the fleet bearing down on them. 
With no further incidents, later in the afternoon all boats had returned to the marina - exhausted but exhilarated from another great day of racing. Time for some overnight rest and recuperation.The day ended in festive mode, with crews receiving prizes for the day’s inshore race, as well as yesterday’s coastal race, in an “Octoberfest” style evening hosted at the race village tent.
Two more days remain to decide the leader board at Marmaris International Race Week. All is still open in each of the 10 divisions. Join us again tomorrow.