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26th MIRW Thursday Highlights

The penultimate day of racing here at Marmaris International Race Week, marked Turkey’s most important national celebration: Turkey Republic Day, commemorating the anniversary of the nation’s founding, 92 years ago. On the race track, an all-important day to put scores on the leader-board and hold onto a shot at overall victory. 

The challenge ahead was the event’s second coastal race. A glorious sight as the fleet heading out into the Gulf of Marmaris again – to face the nuances of the local breeze. 
A simpler triangular course than yesterday, led the fleet downwind to the first mark. Although it looked like the wind would build from early on in the race, as the leading boats approached the mark they were faced with a dreaded “wind hole”. Big frustration as the fleet pecking order was shuffled up, giving significant gains to those bearing down on the leaders. 
With the wind filling in from the back, inevitably it was like restarting the race just before the mark. Certainly a challenge for the leading teams whose advantage was eroded, asmore than 100 boats tried to round the mark at virtually the same time. 
The wind soon picked up again and the fleet separated out, heading fast upwind to the second mark. The breeze favoured the smaller yachts, who seized the advantage and covered the course more swiftly.
Another successful day of racing saw the fleet finishing early enough to leave plenty of time for the usual energetic evening of “post-race” partying. 
Tomorrow marks the concluding day of the 26th Marmaris International Race Week. With 1 inshore race scheduled, it will be decisive. The forecast looks superb, so an exciting climax to the week is on the cards.