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26th MIRW Friday Highlights

You join us on the final day of Marmaris International Race Week here at Netsel Marina. Everywhere was a sea of happy faces, exhilarated from a successful week of racing so far. Superb weather and sailing conditions, combined with the joy of hard work and teamwork guaranteed a positive feeling for all. 

Onto the final day, and the focus is also about finishing on the podium in the overall rankings. So no let-up until the end. Racing got underway late, as the fleet waited patiently for the breeze to fill the Gulf of Marmaris. A shifty wind of around 6 knots teased across the water, so hunting out the pressure and spotting the shifts would be critical for success. 
The tricky weather had the fleet searching for the breeze, with numerous wind holes dotted across the Gulf of Marmaris. A wind shift could deliver either a major gain or a major loss - so crews had to keep their eyes wide open. The light wind held throughout the day, giving all teams finishes in the final race of the 26th Marmaris International Race Week. The usual suspects were leading their divisions, including Igor Buskovskis and his team on Letteland from Latvia, who have controlled the IRC3 division since the opening race. After so many years competing here in Marmaris, he is living proof that experience counts.
The week closed with a memorable awards ceremony. All sailors gathered in the big race village tent to cheer the winners and of course… enjoy the party! The rendezvouz was renewed for next year and another Marmaris International Race Week. Until then, thanks for watching.